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AC5JC Weather: Waco, TX

59.4°F – @ 0.0 mph
Fri   2018-10-19   5:18 AM

Sunrise 7:35 am • Sunset 6:51 pm
Moon: 74% Waxing 

forecast graphic from KXXV Waco

Raspberry Pi serving my weather station

(180° = South)
Detailed Summaries:
Thanks to KWTX    ( 19 Oct 2018 05:00 am)
kwtx logo High Rain Chances For Friday

From Elliot Wilson:
The rain coverage today wasn’t all that great, but we’ll see an uptick in that coverage heading through the overnight. Temperatures will stay cool in the mid 50s, with rain chances bumping to 60% by the time we reach early Friday morning.

Rain chances will then bump up to 90% by the afternoon and flooding will continue to be an issue, which is why Central Texas is under a Flash Flood Watch from Friday morning until 10pm. Be mindful of flooded roadways and waterways, especially since the ground can’t take up any more water due to the flooding we’ve seen already. Saturday will bring a 50% rain chance, followed by some dry time on Sunday. However, rain chances will gradually increase during the work week next week.

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National Temperature Map
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