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AC5JC Weather: Waco, TX

42.8°F – NW @ 12.8 mph
Rainfall: 0.14 in. today
Fri   2018-12-14   10:00 AM

Sunrise: 7:20 AM • Sunset: 5:27 PM
Moon: 43% Waxing 

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Raspberry Pi serving my weather station

(180° = South)
Detailed Summaries:
Thanks to KWTX    ( 14 Dec 2018 10:00 am)
kwtx logo Cloudy, Windy, & Cold Friday!

From Brady Taylor:

It’s a windy, cold, and wet start to this Friday morning. Spotty light showers will continue through the morning, but overall rain chances will gradually decrease throughout the day.

The winds will stay strong today, with winds gusting over 30 mph at times. It will stay chilly all day as well, as highs will only make it into the upper 40s this afternoon.

Skies will gradually clear throughout the night and winds will gradually decrease. It will be chilly tomorrow morning, but fortunately it will be a sunny and very nice Saturday afternoon. Highs throughout the weekend will be in the low 60s, with light winds!

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